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Everything you need to know about IMG

International Marketing Group

International Marketing Group is a pioneering global company that serves as an avenue towards the ease of financial security. It also caters the financial needs of every individual and families who wish to access financial independence.

The International Marketing Group values your success that is why our associates make it sure that they work towards our targeted aim which is to help people be capable and be finally independent on accomplishing critical financial decisions. International Marketing Group has collaborated with the world’s top-tier financial services firms. With their licensed financial educators and wide array of financial products and services, International Marketing Group has transformed a great number of individuals from being nobody to somebody.

Our Mission.

To help create wealth for families To make a difference for families so there will be No family left behind.

Cultivate every individual’s innate capacity to develop a positive mindset in becoming financially independent. We focus on promoting financial literacy. We teach every individual from being spender to saver.

Our Vision.

To Build a new Financial Industry, where everyone is able to earn what the wealthy are earning by bringing the secrets of the wealthy to all.

The International Marketing Group aspires to become the forefront among the companies of its kind today. To further drive the right business concepts, services, and product not just to the affluent people but to the middle-income individuals as well.

Our System.

The operations used in the system and the people behind it are what makes International Marketing Group successful. They have a solidly out-and-out marketing system which enables the members to cultivate their skills in becoming potential entrepreneurs.

In International Marketing Group, each associate is an entrepreneur or an independent business owner with the power to build teams on their own. Dedication, work ethics, and a great deal of effort play the major role in attaining success on this field of business. The outcome determines how well a member is practicing the major roles set to achieve success.

Everyone in the team is expected to be committed in helping co-members.

Who We Are

International Marketing Group is one of the few companies of its kind in the industry today - a financial educator that is dedicated to serving the financial needs of individuals and families from all walks of life. International Marketing Group's independent associates do not just work with clients who have large amounts of discretionary income - instead they work with everyday people helping them make critical financial decisions that help move them from where they are to where they want to be.

IMG has established agreements with many of the world's leading financial services companies to provide us a broad array of financial products & services. IMG will help you comply accreditation and licensing requirement of all its Product Provider Companies. Multiple companies (Multiple products) will help you get the best product...Best service ... Highest Rate Of Return.... Diversify investments, etc.

What We Do

Helping You Move from Dreaming to Doing. In the busy day-to-day hustle of life many people are too busy to stop, step back and focus on their dreams. They keep moving forward without a vision as to where they want to go. IMG knows that you can't stuff a great life into a small dream. That's why we help people make decisions about what they want out of life. We help people think outside the box and let them know that they have choices about where they're going. A dream is as personal and different as the individual dreaming it. What makes one person happy may not be what another person is seeking in life. A dream can be:

  • Living a comfortable lifestyle
  • Retiring early
  • Traveling to exotic destinations
  • Owning a dream home
  • Owning a luxury car
  • Making a difference in you local community by supporting causes
  • Having financial security by building a recurring revenue stream
  • Building your own business
  • Spending more time with family and friends

But dreams can only become reality if you have the freedom and the means to accomplish them. We help put people back on track to their dreams by:

  • Helping families plan for their financial futures
  • Offering people a life-changing career opportunity

At IMG, we're committed to helping our clients and associates realize their dreams.

Why join IMG?

We have answered a wide range of Questions for your Convenience

Q. What We Believe in?

"If only I had a chance..." How many times have you heard these words spoken by a friend or family member or uttered them from your own lips? The "what ifs" and "if only" can plague a person's psyche, focusing them on the rearview of regret rather than the possibilities of tomorrow. At International Marketing Group, giving people a chance is what we stand for. Whether you are a client interested in planning more effectively for your family's financial future or an entrepreneur interested in starting your own business with a solid company, IMG believes in providing a path to help you realize your dreams.

Q. What makes us different?

IMG is one of the few companies of its kind in the industry today - a company dedicated to serving the financial needs of individuals and families who are typically overlooked by the financial services industry. IMG recognizes the need for widespread financial education, particularly among middle income individuals and families who could readily benefit from exposure to the latest financial concepts and solutions. Unlike many companies that target only wealthy clients, IMG is dedicated to teaching everyday people how to plan their financial futures and work toward their goals no matter what their income. Driven by its mission to help people around the world achieve financial independence, International Marketing Group and its thousands of associates introduce simple financial concepts to help clients understand how to put their money to work more effectively to move toward their goals. While many other financial services companies have a "one size fits all" attitude with little or no product choice, International Marketing Group advocates the power of choice. IMG has agreements with several of the leading companies in the financial services and insurance industries allowing associates to offer clients a wide array of products and services to choose from so they can find the ones that best fit their needs. And as clients' needs change, IMG's diverse product selection can grow with them.

Q. What future do associates have in IMG?

As a new associate of IMG you have opened the door on an exciting future. Through the IMG opportunity, you can build your own business, be your own boss, dream your own dreams. And while setting and reaching your own goals, you can help others reach theirs by educating them on the financial fundamentals that can lead them there. But even while you're in business for yourself, you're not by yourself. International Marketing Group is here to help providing excellent support through its Executive Headquarters as well as through access to powerful industry relationships, innovative training programs, a field-mentoring business model to help you build a strong financial services business. Plus, we offer exciting rewards and recognition for your hard work and determination. From Rings to Watches to exciting trips to Exotic Destinations around the world, we help make your effort well worth it.

Q. What help do IMG have?

IMG is here to help you help yourself. We don't just want you to survive in this business we want you to prosper, which is why we strive to provide superior support and service to help you build your business. As an associate you are backed by the marketing and administrative muscle of the IMG Executive Headquarters and the support of experienced field leaders who've each built a successful financial services business from the ground up. The more than 50 employees at the headquarters go to work each day with one goal in mind: helping you build your business. These employees and every leader in the field are dedicated to helping you succeed.

  • Licensing and commissions support
  • Agent services
  • Provider relationship development
  • Professional marketing materials
  • Technology support
  • Corporate Intranet that gives you 24-hour access to important business tools, such as commission statements, product provider information, company news, and more...
  • Corporate website to help introduce potential clients and associates to IMG.

Q. What Earning potentials can IMG provide?

IMG offers an excellent income opportunity, whether you're looking at the business as a twin career or a full-time commitment. With IMG's attractive compensation package, you can also take advantage of a number of incentives, including renewals, as well as participation in bonus pools and stock programs.

Q. What are the Membership Benefits?

IMG wants to see all of its associates succeed. That's why IMG provides you with the corporate support and benefits you need to build a strong business. When you become a member of IMG, you and your business will enjoy these benefits:

    • FREE Lifetime Financial Education
    • Free Lifetime Financial Check up
    • FREE Lifetime Product Trainings
    • Discounts on various financial products and services :
      • Non-Life Insurance
      • Auto Insurance
      • Real Estate
      • Estate Preservation
      • Life Insurance
    • Earn Commissions
    • Business Ownership Program - Be in the financial service business who represents multiple financial products and services

Q. Do IMG Recognize & Rewards those great performances?

In addition to the rewards you receive from helping families achieve financial independence, IMG believes in recognizing and rewarding its associates for their initiative, drive and, ultimately, their success. With one of the most comprehensive recognition programs in the industry, IMG's system is designed to inspire and motivate associates to aspire to and achieve greatness. At International Marketing Group you can reward yourself by creating a lifestyle and career where you are in control. As an independent business owner with IMG, you can:

  1. Be your own boss
  2. Take charge of your career
  3. Set your own schedule
  4. Choose when and how you spend time with family friends
  5. Prepare for your financial future
  6. Grow your career with your personal drive for results

Your only competition is your own will to win!!!

Q.Can IMG help members to Build a Professional Entrepreneur?

Launching a new business of any kind can be full of learning curves. A International Marketing Group business is no exception. But the company's comprehensive training programs can help. IMG offers several opportunities for associates to learn how to obtain their insurance licenses and securities registration, get their businesses up-and-running, and find out about the latest trends, technology, product information and more. Here is a sampling of IMG's training programs:

Professional Development Center (PDC)

You have access to a wealth of knowledge and information through IMG's innovative PDC - your automated, one-stop shop for everything you need to know to get your new IMG business off to a great start. By offering a variety of helpful resources, the PDC takes a new associate step-by-step through accreditation process and offers sales and leadership training to help new associates maximize their IMG business opportunity.

IMG SMD School

All IMG associates who earn a fully qualified promotion to Senior Marketing Director are rewarded with an exciting trip to SMD School at IMG's Executive Headquarters. SMD School, the Marketing Director's first step toward field leadership, is an intensive, two-day training meeting that helps the new SMD learn leadership and business building skills and strategies that will help him/her grow his/her business and team.

IMG Convention of Champions

IMG's biggest annual event is its annual Convention of Champions - days packed with dynamic training sessions and business building workshops, designed for both the new associates and established financial services professionals alike. The Convention of Champions is an opportunity to learn from some of the top motivational speakers in the financial industry.